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To write: Times New Roman 12 point - to read: Georgia 12 point
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At my desk, surrounded by my books and two beloved Burmese cats.
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In the sofa at home.
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Morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night.


Berit Ellingsen is a Norwegian literary and speculative fiction author and a science journalist, whose fiction and poems have appeared in various online literary journals and print anthologies, most recently and forthcoming in The Medulla Review, Sein und Werden and Metazen. For full list of publications, see Berit admits to pining for the fjords when abroad. The Empty City is inspired by the philosophy of nonduality, which shares core with philosophies such as zen and taoism. Berit blogs at and tweets at


My main inspiration is the process of writing itself, of creating something out of nothing, and then refining it until it sounds and looks just right. I love that process.

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