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Los Angeles


A former subway graffiti artist, stand-up comic, television writer, and ghost writer, I write the kind of fiction I like to read: funny, surprising, insightful, and poignant. I teach high school English and coach basketball in South Central Los Angeles, and try to recruit boys out of materialism, violence and despair and into the world of ideas. I've published four novels, most recently Now's the Time with Kearney Street Books. I hope to eventually leave behind a few stories read by more eyes than have seen the Transformer cartoon episodes I penned twenty-five years ago. But my I'll be satisfied to know that I told them well and imposed a little order on the void.


So many great writers, my wife and children, and the hundreds of students who've passed through my classroom in inner-city Los Angeles -- they are all my inspirations, along with the geniuses who invented and perfected bebop jazz and anyone who has ever risked their life or health to assert their artistic freedom.

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