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Laura J. W.
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Lafayette, New York


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Favorite Place to Write: 
In my studio...and my porch...and the little table that my Fred built so I can sit by the window.
Favorite Place to Read: 
In the bathtub
Best time of day to write: 
Morning is best, at night usually, afternoons when I can get one.


I'm Laura J. Wellner, an artist, a writer, and photographer, I'm an indie author by the name of Laura J. W. Ryan, and have published my first two novels "Dusty Waters, A Ghost Story" and "The Fractured Hues of White Light" independently with my Fred calling ourselves Field Stone Press. We have also collaborated to create and publish our first art book "Elemental: Abstract Art from Two Perspectives", featuring 104 color illustrations of our paintings. I live in an old farmhouse on top of Irish Hill in Lafayette New York with my Fred, our son, five cats, and sad to say our one very old dog named Max passed away (12/16/2013). We've recently acquired a mini-donkey (Elizabeth) and two pygmy goats (Pebbles and Tessa) located at an off-site life just became a little more interesting with the "littles" in the mix (they are little). I have a happy life and have come into a creative sweet spot and I'm grateful for it every day.

As a writer I have my own vision—a very focused vision. I self-publish my books to maintain the integrity of that vision. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere waiting to be discovered so I made the investment on my own, carried the risk, and stuck my neck out because I know I’m not getting any younger. I never liked feeling robbed…it would be my own damn fault if I didn’t do this. My novels (so far six of them) are interconnected via bonds between the characters—a community of people—they have briefly met or have known one another for a long time, all in varying degrees of relationships, familial, lovers, friends, acquaintances in passing…you see, we all influence each other in some way, evoking emotions, memories. I have an interest in the psychological history of my characters, and the idea that there is always more than one side to a story, and that dreams and realities often conflict, but there is solace where they overlap, familiar faces and places. It is a complex web of convoluted ideas. Yeah, it’s a mouthful…and sometimes I’m overwhelmed by it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Goodness knows, I’ve never taken the easy way to get anywhere, I always had to splash into every puddle along the way, pop wheelies on every crack in the sidewalk, find every damn patch of poison ivy in the woods to get where I’m going—my stubborn vision of how it should be vs. how things really are is just me jamming the reality to fit my dream.

My art and my writing have been and always will be my driving force, it's a dual existence managing both creative endeavors, but they complement each other, I write about the things I have words for, and I paint and draw the things that I have no words for...simple. I have managed to balance what I do, and work a full time day-job as the Registrar of an art collection of over 45,000 art objects...although I always hated to hear it, having a plan to fall back on has never been a bad thing...thank goodness I took those typing classes in high school to be a secretary, right? I wouldn't be where I am now I guess.

As of now (February 2013) I'm editing my manuscript, Drinking From the Fishbowl, it's a slow process, but I find it enjoyable...

I maintain three blogs... This one is the art/painting and drawing blog, Follow Your Bliss This one is my author/writing/book review/photos of home, cats, dog, garden and whatever blog This is my newest blog, my digital sketchbook from my acre of the I post just photos, not much chit-chat.


I write about dreams and realities. I love to play with words, mess with the minds of my characters, rattle their core, bring them down so they can rise up and overcome... the human condition...human documents, the things I have words for. Women writers and women artists have certainly have had their role in keeping me on track, there have certainly been many dark moments in my creative life in which I could have just turned into a couch potato and said 'fuck it' because it can be so disheartening to be overlooked or not taken seriously, but I could never turn off that light...that damn pesky bright light that illuminated ideas...granted, some of them weren't that great at first, but I was learning and I kept trying. Over the years I've learned on my own what I need to know, practice, patience, persistence... I am a creative person by nature, my inspirations range far and wide, my tastes are eclectic, I am a visual person, I'm always looking, processing what I see, and very often its the smallest of things that I find on my acre of the world that thrill me. I love great writing, great art, great music, and I admire the unpredictability of Mother Nature. I also love to work in my garden and sit on my porch to watch the world go by with my faithful dog named Max close... he has a pair of fuzzy black ears that are as soft as the fluff behind the ears of a baby bunny... Favorite writers: Virginia Woolf, Harper Lee, Herman Melville, Michael Ondaatje, Joyce Carol Oates, Tolstoy, Mikhail Bulgakov, Carson McCullers, Iris Murdoch, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Paula Fox, Margaret Drabble, Janet Frame, Dostoyevsky...just to name a few.

Laura J. W. Ryan's Manuscripts

  1. Drinking from the Fishbowl 4 years ago (Published)
  2. The Fractured Hues of White Light 4 years ago (Published)
  3. Dusty Waters: A Ghost Story 5 years ago (Published)

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