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Portland OR


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Book Antiqua, Bookman Old, Monotype Corsiva (for labels), Times. Least favourite font: Ariel.
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A clean and well-lit place.
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Anywhere, almost.
Best time of day to write: 
early mornings


I am an Australian essayist, poet, fiction writer and photographer living in Portland, Oregon, an alien of complex residence. My fiction has appeared in Tema (Zagreb), my verse as the libretto for La Mama Courthouse’s production Orpheus, An Australian Tragedy (Melbourne, 2000). I am the co-author of Fighting Monsters (Vaughan Willoughby, Melbourne, 1998) and Golems Waiting Redux (Publication Studio, 2011). In 2002 I co-founded the multi-lingual magazine Gobshite Quarterly with R.V. Branham; more recently we have begun publishing books under the GobQ colophon. My fiction often deals with the subject of work – that great dropout from English language fiction of the last 60 years. But sometimes, as with “The Last Afternoon Of the War,” I just sit, and listen, and smile.


The quality of light, the quality of mercy, mary renault, rosemary sutcliff, john le carre, ursla le guin, jared diamond, tim flannery, patrick white, anne sexton, fred schepisi, south australian modernist painters; summer cerulean, indigo glass, running water; reflections, photographs, gossamer lyrics, the utter access shakespeare had to his own sensory processing; childhood latin; colin thubron, patrick leigh fermor; plants that flourish in offices and show it can be done.

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