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Richard Santos
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a roadhouse outside of austin


Favorite Font: 
anything with serifs
Favorite Place to Write: 
a table next to a coffee maker
Favorite Place to Read: 
a room with a comfy chair and natural light (reading outside is too distracting)
Best time of day to write: 
morning, before the noise of the day and all the other voices I'm exposed to start to seep in


I teach freshmen to write. I read and I am working on a novel, while also trying to hammer out a few short stories and essays here and there. In a previous life (last year), I worked in politics and lived in Washington, DC. Now I find myself back in my home state of Texas and feeling all the contradictory feelings associated with returning to the homeland and associated with Texas itself.


I like to write first thing in the morning and drink a lot of black coffee. Food doesn't help the process. I like the books of Jim Thompson, Robert Stone, Mary Gaitskill and many more. The novel I'm working on is set in northern New Mexico--if you know/love this place then drop me a line.

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