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My kitchen table
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8pm to midnight


I'm a Pennsylvania boy. Used to love to ride the Merry-Go-Round at Bushkill Park when i was a kid. I had a season pass at the pool too. Then I couldn't wait to get the hell out of Easton and to college. Mansfield State. A smaller town even than Easton, but filled with interesting people. After graduation I moved to NYC as soon as was possible. I was an actor, a temp and a waiter. Finally settled on singer/songwriter. Rock n Roll. Never a 9 to 5'er. I can't help but write. For better or worse it's in my bloodstream and that's not only my heart but also my head. No escape. I'm definitely OK with that. I like to feel good.


Music that talks to me, exceptional writers and ,of course, the immediate world around me. If you would ask me one essential ingredient for a writer to possess then I would say to keep those eyes WIDE open. I love playing my guitar.

Tim Young's Manuscripts

  1. Charlotte 2 years ago (Published)
  2. Cohort THE COCKTAILS (Revised) 3 years ago (Published)
  3. THE COCKTAILS Part One: Cohort 3 years ago (Published)
  4. Road Movies 3 years ago (Published)
  5. Ancient Paths 3 years ago (Published)
  6. Red Beret (Excerpt) 3 years ago (Published)
  7. Jazz is Torn 4 years ago (Published)
  8. Cold and Dim 4 years ago (Published)

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