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  1. Joe's Treasure 4 years ago (Published)


Thanks Richard. The manuscript is a MS 97-2004 doc, 196 kb. It is in a 5x8 page format, the size I'm thinking I want it for self publishing. There are a couple of blank pages near the front, which would later be used for front-of-the-book material. And in several places, chapters end mid-page, the next chapter resuming at the top of the next page, as is common in a published book. I work off a Mac and that sometimes causes problems in the pc world. I also uploaded my cover art and do not see that it made the trip either. Your program responded, in both cases, as if my material HAD been uploaded. I would be delighted to DELETE everything and start again, but can't find any way of doing that. In any event, I will want to know how to DELETE material I've posted, so please let me know the procedure for that.
I suspect there was a problem with the document uploaded, which is why you're only seeing the container/title "Joe's Treasure" and the chapter title "Interview 1966". Typically that is because the document contained nonstandard formatting. We're the only writing site that permits writers to upload entire manuscripts and be able to divide them automatically into chapters, but the uploader is finicky when the file it has to upload has odd page breaks, section breaks etc. Can you describe the content of the file so we can better understand what you'd need to fix in the file so that our uploader can upload it?
Thanks Laura. But I can't find a "Manuscript page" anywhere, or a "table of contents". I do see the "add chapter" button above this conversation. And when I click on it, it takes me to a box. But i have no access to the manuscript I loaded. And when I tried copying and pasting from the original, on my computer, it ends up in just strait lines of text, with no formatting, whatsoever. And that's no good. If you figure out how to "delete" let me know. Thanks for the help. Ben
I had the same trouble too, you go to the manuscript page where your table of contents is, there is a little blue link "Add Chapter" and you need to cut n' paste from your original document into the space provided...easy-peasy. Hope this helps. (I have yet to figure out deleting anything, hopefully I won't need to.)
Yea, I can't seem to figure this system out. When I clicked on the first chapter heading, all that came up was...well, the chapter heading. And as you can see, I double clicked. (bad habit, apparently) so i have two of everything, which, at this point, isn't much! Any suggestions?
I tried looking in to see what you have up to share with us, but can't link up to read it, a little glitch perhaps? Did you use the 'add chapter' link?
I would appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks for your time.

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