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Friday Night and Other Stories

Friday Night and Other Stories
Shorts stories. These are about people, animals and their overlap; grown up kids and childish adults.

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  1. Ribbon 4 years ago (Published)


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I just read #8 and loved it, loved the setting in particular. Would the food really be prepared in front of the animals like that? You'd know better than I would.... or perhaps the food prep place is some distance from the cages? Couldn't quite picture the spatial layout in my mind, but I could smell the cats and learned a lot about them too. By the way, I've just written a book about hyenas, which is due out next year, and they're really gentle and intelligent creatures, though most people share Joey and Danny's aversion to them. And only the spotted female hyenas have the 'pseudopenis', though I'm sure this is more than you wanted to know. Mikita
Thanks for the kind words. Hyenas are indeed cool.

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