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I seemed to have somehow made a mess of importing my manuscript. The first time I forgot my "numbered" chapters were actually in roman numerals inside parenthesis and the twenty chapters came in as three chapters and the first two had no content and the third started with chapter 5 of the book. So I deleted the nodes, and fixed the manuscript in word so that all the chapters have were numbered conventionally, and then re-imported it. All the chapters on this second imported were divided up fine and it appears to be great, except the first one is still there as basically an empty title and the second one, when you find it in the library doesn't appear to have the chapters connected to it.


You can submit this to the 'we [heart] feedback' thingie in the lower right and it'll get in a queue for technical attention. Looking forward to reading this again!
Thanks. Feeling technically illiterate. I retitled the misload as "a misload" so as to avoid confusion.
Hey Henry- it's taken care of! I'm working to make the manuscript management process more intuitive, whether a failed upload, additions, corrections, etc. Though, it's great to see that you were able to power through the process in this rather unrefined state. Sorry it was exhausting...but it's not you that's illiterate, we're still just a little clunky in places. We want to reach a Google-like level of simplicity and elegance, one click and it works! But it's going to take a little time and more testing to get it right. A new feature is imminent though - in about 5 minutes, actually! I'm going to push a change that will allow you to re-title/rearrange your chapters in bulk. Look for "Reorder the Book" tab on the top of the manuscript or chapter page.
Now that I've been through it, it seems much easier than I thought at the time, and really I think it is an amazing system to get it all together as a manuscript.