What do you do for a living?

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I'm very curious what writers do to pay the bills besides writing.

 I'm applying to creative writing programs but cannot determine where my hesitancy comes from. For some reason, it doesn't feel right. It may be because I have a family and have already seen what happens to people who arent prepared for economic crisis...ie...me.

I have a BFA in painting and am finding that, even though I am passionate about literature and poetry and creative expression, I have doubts that another creative degree would be a wise choice. Is this a copout or does it make sense to anyone else on here? 

p.s. I read a line in Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections that basically said something to the effect of : 'it was a sign that he was failing- an hour of worry to every 5 minutes of (creative?)output.'  And here I am, worrying to no end. sigh.




Congratulations on that baby girl! And the novel. :) Sounds like it's time to just enjoy life and sleep when you can. Nothing like sleeping with your face buried in a babies furry head or soft neck. I'm looking forward to checking out your work (add to RL queue) and I wish you the best luck with your novel. Do you think you might post it here?