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Follow Me Down

Follow Me Down
I want to live in the city that Kio Stark captures in her stories. It’s familiar yet wholly new.—Dan Sinker, aka @MayorEmanuel

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It begins with an envelope. Twenty years old, maybe more, with the dust of the dead-letter office still clinging to the stained, fraying paper. It arrives in the mailbox of Lucy — a proofreader and sometimes-photographer haunted by the face of a brother she left behind — with the address of a vacant neighborhood lot barely legible on the front. Inside she finds only a photograph of a man she does not recognize, but whose face captivates her instantly. She hunts for him, feeling for blind answers in the boroughs of her soul and city. The details of her world — of a neighborhood decaying and maimed in daylight, yet pulsing with some hidden life in dark; the shaded, shifting menace of shadow on the night sidewalk — blur together through the fogged lens of her plastic camera, and the casual banter of summer afternoons evaporates into the hiss of something missing, something lost and formless that she must return. The picture ultimately leads Lucy across the darkened city, from the canal slicing through her neighborhood over the rivers at the city limits, its mystery resolving into vivid, caustic focus in the book’s concluding scenes. Follow Me Down owns moments both wondrous in their sympathy and wild in their desolation, as Stark culls from the crumbling city setting characters mercurial and impassable, joyous and redemptive.


I've only started reading but I love chapter one. A line that stuck with me was the machine-gun umbrella. Love getting a sentence stuck in my head. I'm gonna keep reading...that's the goal isn't it?
Kio, I am 33 and I decided to read your first book on the first day it arrived at our library in Portland. The thing is, this is the first book I have ever decided to read as an adult for pure pleasure. I think that your words took my mind into the streets and roaming the vacant lot near the canal. I laughed and sort of longed for more each time Lucy went off down a thought filled lane of sarcasm. I will find this book soon to purchase. Please write again as I am now a follower for life. Enjoy the streets of Brooklyn......
It's very moving to know that my work gave you such a happy reading experience, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm here!
I read an excerpt of this over on Swink Magazine. Think I'll be buying this. It's really good! Created an account just to tell you this. Really. :)
Thank you! It's great to hear from people enjoying the book. I'm happy you took the trouble.
Hi Ryan, thanks so much! Let's chat over email...I have an idea for nthWORD. I'm at [mywholename] at gmail.
Hi Kio, I'm really looking forward to reading a hardcopy of Follow Me Down--I printed the first chapter and loved it. Congrats on the positive media coverage, and the excerpt at Swink. We'd love to run an excerpt at nthWORD if you'd be into that!

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