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Pretend You Can Hear Me: 21 very short stories

Pretend You Can Hear Me: 21 very short stories

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  1. Follow Me Down 4 years ago (Published)


What if you added some more pairs and some original art to make a really lovely coffee-table book? Just throwing ideas out there.
One thing I really like about "Pretend You Can Hear Me," besides how well written it is, is that it could only happen in recent times, because of the internet. The phrase "Pretend You Can Hear Me" is sort of like the Tennessee Williams line "he worked for the telephone compnay and left his family because he fell in love with long distances." It couldn't have been written before a certain time.
My two cents: I think it does stand on its own. It's lovely and sweet, sexy and sad.
Thanks, part of the issue is publishability. I want it to stand on its own as short fiction, but I think it's too short for lit mags to consider a short story.

what are the rules of typed emotion
how do they adapt and evolve
how do you break the rules

there could be a malfunction, or an impostor
if there were other characters it could...
as limitless as language
am I my words?

it was most poignant for me before "10"
when I was not sure if they are human
like the two bots at Cornell that were talking to each other:
like The Clash: "Silicone on Sapphire"
"just" words
I love those bots! It's interesting that you weren't sure. I'm fascinated with how we make that distinction, what constitutes animacy.
I love it! I love it all. It makes me feel wistful and meloncholy. Its sexy and sweet and lovely. I want more!
This is a work in progress that I'd love feedback on. I wrote it a while ago and have never quite been able to decide what to do with it. It's not a traditional short story, though it was intended as one. Should it be longer? Should this be just a fragment of something with more traditional narrative around it? Does it stand on its own?

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