A family affair

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Licking honey from your sabre
 your only question was
                                                "Did he beat you?"
So I wiped blood from my eyes
            like a fool's blush 
       in order to gain your trust.
Yet you disappointed me terribly too. 
And I did not continue on the path
                                               of the saddled and bridled
And thus became an afterthought.
                                                    Why are you weeping?
                                                          What is wrong this time?
                                                           I swear it will never happen again!
 But I did not believe in him.
To the whistle of a Russian winter's eve
              I screamed to a God that I
      did truly believe
        could stop that strike again.
His hands drawn round my throat
                                           muted any song to sound
                                           the alarm again as I stumbled
Down and down and down.