The One That Got Away

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A razzle of his blues

obliquity of vision

signet of sinless

gold vanquished swimming

I offered him sin

Oh yes here my love

I will trick you with

Orientalist reverie

A Sibyl, a fairy, so sprite you may flee

to Lake Brimstone

and gaze at my floating tendrils,

my inheritance.

Evangelical curls lapped

up in a sandy cove.

You are so cruel.

You built an igloo of torment 

so far removed from my mind, my time.

Are you runner or Irish bull?

whimsical, a burlesque tempest.

These are the voices I heard

Prunes and prisms

All affection boiled cold.

Offer me pathos and fingers

I wanted you once

let it be again

For you are a gingerbread man

And our world is pink glass

tangled with spiced streams.

Take me.