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The Sovereignties of Invention

The Sovereignties of Invention
Eleven tales of time, technology, and the uncanny.

Other Works

  1. Four Tales 5 years ago (Published)
Without warning, the dogs move into the trees to escape the human world; a lonely man befriends a spectacularly ugly mythological beast; at a summer cottage by the sea, a boy discovers a camera that takes pictures of unknown people in faraway places. The stories in Sovereignties of Invention explore the uncanny magic of technology, memory, meaning, and time.


" eavesdropping on the song of the homunculus himself up there in his cranial habitat cool and removed..." My God, I wish I'd written that. See, Matthew, you weren't afraid to use the word "homunculus" even though a lot of people wouldn't know what it meant, so it means all that much more to people who do know. Your prose is top-notch. Also, you have a cool mustache and gotee, as though one of the Three Muskateers was a saucier in Vietnam. I mean that in a good way. Years ago, I was sitting in a library reading Minn of the Mississippi when a baseball crashed through the window and almost hit Miss Clowers. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?
Great cover!
'I After the Cloudy Doubly Beautifully' - Liked this story a hell of a lot. It's wonderfully staged and manages to allow for a whorl of theory, citations, borrowed texts, and curious asides, all of which revolve freely and easily around this strange machine at its centre. Also found its tentative conclusion thought provoking (language as gnostic bronco throwing off human agency - desiring free rein?).
Hi Matthew, I just read The Dogs In The Trees. Right away I was inside the story, seeing the dogs in the sky of my mind. Brilliant Work! Tsaurah Litzky
Congratulations Matt!
Haunting cover.
Hi Mat, Recently finished reading the 'Camera Lucida." I believe you have a good story, which should be told through the boy's eyes, not a middle aged man remembering the past. I think you'll be able to weave in a whole lot more magic. Best regards John Gee
What a fine lookin' cover!

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