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"[O]ne of 50 Visionaries Changing Your World: Rapt attention is unavoidable when one of the independent book world’s most storied publishers announces he’s going to blow up the traditional way of doing business (author-to-agent-to-publisher-to-printer-to-warehouse-to-wholesaler-to-retailer-to-reader). Especially when it looks like the plan might just resuscitate an industry on the brink of extinction.—Utne Reader

Best speech on the future of books & publishing I've ever seen. @ is a genius. Every sentence quotable.

“If you have any interest in publishing, you’ve heard of Richard Nash—you may count yourself among his more than 70,000 Twitter followers . . . which can at times make him seem more like a popular guitarist or actor than, you know, an indie publishing dude.  In fact, giving an account of Richard’s career—most notably his distinguished stint running Soft Skull Press, during which time he transformed it from a small cult-fave to one of the most formidable indie presses in the country—can’t really begin to address what it is about this guy that has the entire publishing world sitting at attention.  . . and now Nash is involved in a highly ambitious start-up company, Cursor, at a time when most people are crying Armageddon in terms of the literary economy.  Yet when Nash talks, people listen—perhaps precisely because of the fact that he is one of the few in the publishing industry to embrace change and upheaval with an unbridled enthusiasm rather than with fear.”—The Nervous Breakdown

“As a result of his success at Soft Skull, and a number of speeches considered something of a “call to arms” by many in the book business, the entire industry is looking to Nash to see what kind of an impact he will make, hoping that it’s true what they say about a two doors opening each time one closes.”—Jewcy

“The fact that this whole thing isn't even set up as a "publishing house with some community features," but rather as "communities that also publish," is a very, very smart way of going about things. It's a recognition of the power of community, enabled by modern communication technology, that gets so incredibly ignored by so many legacy business linesWho knows if Cursor, as an individual experiment, will work. But succeed or fail, it's an experiment worth watching closely.”—Techdirt

“Nash consistently offers a contrarian point-of-view and doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to challenging traditional publishing.”—Mashable, on why Nash is the #1 Twitter User Changing the Shape of Publishing

“Nash’s take on how book publishing will survive in the digital age is always astute and his blog is a must-read for anyone working in publishing.”—Writers Hub (UK)

“Among the most interesting publishing visionaries today is Richard Nash, formerly editorial director of Soft Skull Press. Nash is one of many people who think traditional publishing is broken and needs to be replaced by the new tools and social habits of the twenty-first century. In Nash’s view publishing has to stop selling books as objects (wholly opposite to the current fetish of the object in literary publishing) and consider a different way to get writers and readers together, especially on the Internet.”—Thomas Riggs, "Publishing Prophet of the Week"

 “This is one of those proposals that you’d never think of, but which seem obvious as soon as you’ve heard it.”—The Rumpus

“Richard Nash, former publisher of Soft Skull, has been making waves ever since stepping down from the acclaimed indie earlier this year to “goallin” and pursue his vision of the future of publishing. Equal parts philosopher and raconteur, his over-the-top performance at BEA’s 7×20×21 panelreminded me of Frank T.J. Mackey, Tom Cruise’s motivational speaker in Magnolia; I fully expected him to start yelling “Respect the READER!” at one point.”—Guy Lecharles Gonzalez