A COHORT of interns and volunteers

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The Cohort Writing Initiative will continue to expand as we move into the new year.  Red Lemonade seeks interns and volunteers to assist with editorial tasks, content creation with writers, social media promotion and reading and engagement with independent literature.


COHORT seeks alternative literary fiction inspired by the idea and associations of the word cohort as well as the dynamic of group interactions. We are seeking stories which explore the text, speech, and language that explores the dynamic of the allegiances, commitments and alliances between a group of of people. These folks can be associated by the accident of time, the catchings of memory or the pyschological underpinnings of culture and society which make us do the things we do. Cracking open the codes and speech of a cohort of folks as they move through history while confronting time and each other.

Red Lemonade community members, readers and writers open up the process of story creation, creative inspiration, writing tasks and other elements of the publishing process and share and engage everyone with post on the Red Lemonade blog which are promoted via the Red Lemonade platform.  Take a look on the Red Thread: Cohort: Processes:  http://redlemona.de/red-lemonade/cohort-processes


Take a look at the early submissions here :   http://redlemona.de/red-lemonade/cohort-writings


To join the COHORT as an intern or volunteer, please email : cohort AT redlemona.de