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Cohort: the tiniest of television sets (o, siete cartas cartas personales)

Cohort: the tiniest of television sets (o, siete cartas cartas personales)

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  1. the night watch 4 years ago (Published)


this piece arose in part from my own travels in latin america; in part from side two of ambient 1; in part from damon knight's pronouncement that no one but no one ever wanted to read epistolary fiction; in part from side 3 of bitch's brew; in part from conversations with various queens about relatives who hated and ostracized them yet always phoned at the most inopportune moment to ask whey they never wrote; in part from conversations i'd had with people who had never stepped out of the borders of the continental united states & yet who had very specific prescriptions for these countries that they knew fuckall about; in part from a brazilian film festival & in part from seeing milton nascimento & flora purim in concert many times in many venues; in part from oblique or not so oblique references by a chilean brother-in-law & an argentine friend about what happened during their dirty little wars; in part from conversations i'd had through the years with friends who'd been in the peace corps, & things i heard about the canadian & cuban equivalents of our american peace corps — that the cubans tended to send more doctors & nurses & engineers & teachers than the u.s. or canadians (& that some of the cubans were idiologic asshats, but usually only in the company of each other...when alone with other nationals they did not feel any urge to extol the achievements of the cuban revolution); this piece is also by design a stand-alone short story, and part of a novella.

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