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The Virgin Mary Hotline

The Virgin Mary Hotline
Identity. Career. Love. Spirituality. Mary and Peggy's quarter-life crises shape their lives for years to come.
Mary, an out-of-work struggling actress, takes a job as a call-in "Virgin Mary" at the titular hotline. It's a new role, she reasons, to tide herself over until she can return to the stage. Peggy, a health-education teacher at an all-girls Catholic high school, breaks rank with her abstinence curriculum and decides (after seeing one student too many become pregnant) to teach a birth-control lesson. When her lesson is brought to the attention of the school board, she must face the consequences of her decision. Facing parallel quarter-life crises, both Mary and Peggy discover how seemingly temporary choices can have permanent impact, affecting identity, career, love, and spirituality, and that certain decisions can unexpectedly shape a whole life.


Hi, Sarah, I was reading three other books when I found ˝The Virgin Mary Hotline˝. Your story was interesting enough that I found myself choosing to finish it first! I want to know what happens to all these characters next???!!! Will there be more? Lori
Hi Lori, thank you so much for your note! I originally thought of VMH as a stand-alone novel, however, you are not the first person with this request, so I'm now considering possibly revisiting this group of characters in a subsequent story or novel. I've been mulling over a project perhaps focusing on Gretchen as the protagonist, with Mary and Peggy as peripheral characters. Lots to think about!
This is irreverent and humorous, yet touching. Mary is a very realistic and likable character and I want to know more about her. Your writing, like Peter commented, is very sharp. I look forward to reading more of this story, my interest is piqued! -RR
Sarah, I really enjoyed the first chapter, for its originality and descriptions. I walked away feeling like I know a lot about the lives of the people in this world. I'm curious what kind of feedback you're specifically looking for? I just read the second chapter, but want to save my comments until I have a better idea of what you'd like to see from other fizzy ones.
Hi Ryan, Thanks for the kind feedback! I'm interested in hearing any comments you may have to offer. Feel free to critique anything and everything, both on the micro and macro level. Thanks in advance for reading! Best, Sarah
I read the first chapter and I just love your idea. What a great concept! Really creative and well-written.
Thanks, Candi! Hope you enjoy the rest as well!
Hi Sarah.... I have to disagree with Peter's comment above. Some books are conflict & crisis driven, others are not. What I like about your book so far (I've only read the first chapter) is the character psychology. I want to know more about Mary and more about the kind of people that phone the hotline. She has to be a therapist of sorts to a very particular set of people, and I'm interested to find out how she goes about doing it. That's enough to keep me reading.
Thanks, Mikita!
HI Sarah, You are a talented writer. The prose are crisp and incisive. I get the characters...well done. I have read Part 001 (how many pages?) and I crave some conflict/crisis/drama/comedy... It was a good-enough set-up for me to open your book...but I need a reason other than first-class descriptions to keep turning the pages... Just an opinion. Regards, Peter

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