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Red Lemonade takes a different approach to publishing. Want proof, you say?
The texts of our published titles are here for you to read, in their entirety. No lame limits. Really!


Facing ecological degradation, culture destruction, and human suffering, a 27-year-old paleontologist starts calling in bomb threats
Somewhere in Della’s consumptive, industrial wasteland of a city, a bomb goes off. It is not the first, and will not be the last. Reactions to the attacks are polarized. Police activity intensifies. Della’s revolutionary parents welcome the upheaval but are trapped within their own insular beliefs. Her activist restaurant coworkers, who would rather change their identities than the world around them, resume a shallow rebellion of hair-dye, sex parties, and self-absorption. In search of clarity, and unburdened by ideological posturing, Della calls in bomb threats to various locations throughout her city. She relishes the panic and confusion incited by her fabrications. But when real explosions suddenly strike her imagined targets, Della is lured into a catastrophic plot from which there may be no return.


Just picked up a copy at the Brooklyn Book Fest!
Oh, Vanessa! "Zazen" is an amazing achievement. I found myself grinning frequently whilst reading. Your insightful swipe at John Zerzan and Derrick Jensen had me in tears of pure joy that I had difficulty explaining to those around me. I loved everything about this book. Through your use of first-person, female characters with male (red-neck) names, your encyclopedic knowledge of all things yoga and vegan, love of rats, and fly-oil burning Mercedes, you won my heart forever and ever. Amen.
I just bought Zazen on Kindle--can't remember the thread that lead me to it. (Facebook? ) Stayed up all night reading, knocked out by the style--grace wrung from necessity. One of the best books I've read all year, certainly the best debut.
Vanessa, i saw you at powells a few weeks ago. you read your work well. it's a shame the modern world is so removed from the oral story-telling tradition or even reading books aloud. we do it for our children only until they are able to read themselves. with the right inflection and personality, a book read aloud can be more exciting than a play. i enjoyed the reading and your charming Q and A session. i hope your books sells like crazy.
Read the first two chapters on the flight to NY tonight (from the "BEA Edition"). Fantastic, funny and frightening.
Thank you Vanessa, was so much wonderful after just the first six chapters. Had to give my eyes a break - will resume on Kindle.
This sounds like something I'd like to read, would you mind making it available in epub format for ereaders?
Hi Benhamish, you can read it gratis on our site or, shortly, buy it as a trade paperback ($15.95) or an ePub ($7.99). Ecommerce will take us another few weeks or so, though, I'm sorry... This applies to the three books—Someday This Will be Funny, Follow Me down, and Zazen—that's we're officially publishing. Eventually, we hope to allow writers, if they so choose, to allow readers to download their work. It's possible, at that time, that we might experiment with allowing those writers to charge a fee for downloading. All things we've not yet decided on, but will address, with everyone's advice and feedback.
This rocks!

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